Mixing These Things with Banana Will Make the Skin Glow

Posted by: Priya Roy KarmakarDate: 30th January 2023 14:01 IST
Applying These Things Mixed with Banana Will Make the Skin Glow. How to Use Bananas for Glowing Skin

We all want our skin to look healthy and glowing all the time and for this, we like to make various changes in our skincare routine every day. At the same time, you will find many types of products in the market to make facial skin glow, but the chemicals present in these products can make your skin lifeless.

So today we are going to tell you about a fruit that is very common, but very beneficial for your skin. We are talking about bananas. Let us tell you that you can use bananas on your skin in many ways. If you also want to know how then definitely read this article till the end.

banana for skin

Benefits of doing it

Banana is used to tighten the skin. Banana is very helpful in giving elasticity to the skin of the face. Also, it is rich in vitamin C, which helps in reducing wrinkles. Helps. The anti-oxidants present in bananas help in hydrating the skin.

How to deep clean

You can use a scrub made of banana to clean the facial skin. Please tell me that to make the scrub, you can add sugar and honey to the banana as needed. You can use face scrub about 2 to 3 times a week. Apart from this, if you want, you can also apply mashed oats and honey in the banana and apply them on the face.

glowing skin with banana

For face pack

You can use many natural ingredients to make a banana face pack. Let us tell you that along with banana, you can mix many fruits like papaya and pomegranate and apply it on the face. Apart from this, to make the skin flexible and shiny, you can add honey and vitamin E capsules to the banana. Also, if you want to moisturize the skin along with making it glow, then you can apply milk mixed with banana.